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You're My Land Ahoy ((BangHim // B.A.P))

Title: You're My Land Ahoy
Rating: PG-13
Bandom: B.A.P
Pairing: BangHim (Yongguk/Himchan)
Summary: Maybe it was never about becoming great pirates.
Warnings: Angst; Italics spam
Notes: I flipped about twenty shits after writing this because I hate having pirate feels, but one of my friends sent me this and I just couldn't resist writing this. Before I even sent it my friend guessed BangHim and whyy did this happennn WHYYY? Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I apologize in advance for the excessive italics.

You're My Land Ahoy

When he found the Log the Captain had mentioned, he decided to keep it to himself. He had no idea what was so important about it when he saw both Captain and First-Mate searching desperately for it among the dead crew members. He couldn't guess, either, until he cracked it open under candlelight that evening in the kitchen.

Maybe it had never been about becoming great pirates.

Navigator's Log

July 6, 1676

Winds are blowing warm Northeast, should change Southwest by tomorrow – there are clouds on the horizon. Should arrive in Jarvis Port shortly.

July 13, 1676

Was right about the wind, got to Jarvis Port safely.

A new boy joined at Jarvis Port, he seems a little... off, so to say, the Captain is having me keep an eye on him.

July 20, 1676

Departure delayed due to stagnant winds, winds have been gentle and heat has been more drilling lately.

His name is Kim Himchan, and it turns out he's an escaped slave. He's really pale for a slave, and with more meat on him I'm sure he'd make quite the handsome man. The Captain is still having me watch him, though I'm almost completely sure that he has no intentions of mutinous behavior.

July 27, 1676

Heat is even worse, our arrival at the Toho Port will be about a week late, Captain is worried about supplies but the winds will probably shift soon.

I was right about the handsome thing.

August 3, 1676

I smell a storm on the horizon, no one believes me except for the Captain and Himchan. A soft wind is blowing into the masts from the south, but it's barely enough to blow in the storm overnight. Should be due in about two days time.

The Captain is now reassured that Himchan isn't a real threat, he lacks any swords skills and looks terrified when he is holding one. Although the Captain still distrusts him, Himchan was permitted to work in the kitchens where he said he'd be the most useful. His lamb stew is more delicious than the cook's.

August 10, 1676

The storm was rougher than anticipated, it knocked three sailors off deck, including the cook when all hands were called. All three drowned. The Captain was worried about more storms, but I'm positive that tomorrow is going to be clear again, with a good northern wind finally.

I almost fell off the ship after trying to grab the cabin boy who slipped and couldn't grab the rail in time, Himchan saved me by pulling me to the ground with him. The Captain wants me to teach him how to use swords now, and he has replaced the cook in the kitchen.

August 17, 1676

Making good time for Toho, estimated arrival is a month if the wind keeps up, but I suspect, because of the sparse cloud formation just above the sun, that the good winds will end soon. Luckily the current is working with us, and the winds won't be working against us.

Himchan is very sweet normally, but he's eager to learn how to wield a sword to defend himself. Even after our lessons are over, he practices by himself into the night, occasionally asking whoever happens to be in the crow's nest for pointers. I've taken to taking the watch at night, because he is shockingly beautiful when it comes to sword play. Not good, mind you, his stance is still shitty and his jabs are too wobbly, but the furrow in his brow and the sheen of sweat lit up by the moonlight creates quite a pleasant image. Captain says I'm too soft on him. Maybe I am.

August 24, 1676

The winds changed just earlier today, not disadvantageously at least. They blow northwest now, our sails can catch some of the wind this way. The current still moves with us, estimated time of arrival at Toho now two weeks with these new prospects. I can smell rain though, that could hinder us.

Himchan has gotten a lot better at wielding a sword because of his extra practice and my guidance, he can beat the least skilled of the crew but is barely measurable to my and Captain's level of expertise. The Captain told me later that our relationship is 'funny,' saying a man doesn't normally treat another man so gently as I with Himchan. I told him, jokingly, that Himchan was kind of like a woman anyway. He didn't laugh.

August 31, 1676

The rain passed just East of us, and the Captain said I was losing my touch, but there is always a great margin of error when dealing with weather predictions, sometimes I just get lucky. The winds still mildly work with us, along with the current, we are closing in on Toho at a rapid rate. Captain hopes to see a merchant ship soon, as we are running out of gold for supplies.

Himchan is, in fact, very much like a woman. He taught me something that a learned European taught to him while he was serving at an upper-class home, something called 'ballroom dancing.' The crew watched with raucous laughter when we spun around the deck with hands tightly clamped together, Himchan hummed the tune that we danced to, I didn't recognize it. I watched my clumsy feet most of the time because I kept stepping on Himchan's toes. I tried very hard not to grip his hip too roughly when I made a mistake, but he didn't seem to mind. Near the end, he told me to look up, and when I did he was smiling happily at me, closer than I had thought, and it made my heart skip a beat and I stumbled over my own feet. Himchan stopped with a laugh, and the catcalls and general disgust from the rest of the crew canceled any other lessons we might have had.

September 7, 1676

Boarded by pirates. Everyone fought well, including Himchan, who I saved from a few strikes anyway when he was too slow. Captain is trying to negotiate conditions with them, but we all know that even the most civil-looking Captain can turn out hostile. We will probably be stripped dry tomorrow.

Himchan was scared, but he fought hard. The Captain thinks it's our fault that we got boarded so easily. And it might have been. I was on watch, and we were practicing ballroom dancing by moonlight.

September 8, 1676

They took him, they took Himchan.

They took him.

September 9, 1676

Going to chase after them

Going to kill every last one of them with my bare hands

September 12, 1676

Found them, fought them, the Captain said he'd never seen me so brutal.

I killed fifteen of them and held Himchan when he broke down in my arms.

September 21, 1676

Winds are good, although we are sailing past Toho because we've gotten plenty of supplies from the other ship.

Captain says he doesn't like my relationship with Himchan, says I'm allowing him to get too close and distract me from my job, says I'm letting feelings get in the way. I told him I'm fine, but I don't think I'm fine. I realized that after he crawled into my hammock the day after we'd rescued him, he hugged me and whispered thanks over and over, and rather than saying anything back I just let my heart jump for every puff of air that hit my neck. I had a hard time getting to sleep then, but he has climbed into my hammock every night since.

September 28, 1676

We are nearing a merchant's route and Captain wants to loiter around here if the winds aren't good, which they shouldn't be, the air is chilling and the wind should stagnate again soon.

Himchan is becoming more bold lately, and I don't exactly know what he sees in our friendship anymore. I visit him before every meal in the kitchen, helping to cut the vegetables and such. Captain allows it because he doesn't want to see me “nearly lose my mind” again, in reference to when Himchan was taken by those bastards, I suppose. Sometimes Himchan comes up behind me and slides his long, elegant fingers over mine, correcting how I was cutting before because I am normally very sloppy. Lately, I just pretend to be sloppy. I love watching his hands work.

October 5, 1676

Himchan asked me what I thought of him a few days ago, during one of our midnight ballroom lessons. It was after I said I liked his humming, and that music interested me greatly. In response to him, however, I told him he was a lily-livered scalawag and he asked me to be serious. I said if we were being serious, then I liked all of him. When he asked me to specify, I listed that I loved his laugh, his smile, his delicate nature, but also his rough side, his hands, his lips, his voice, his eyes, and then he stopped me and I think he was crying. I'll never know though, because then I was up against the mast and he was kissing me. I was surprised to find it didn't feel weird at all.

Still stagnant. Captain getting antsy over lack of ships to pillage.

October 12, 1676

Himchan takes a blanket up to me whenever I'm on watch, and we cuddle up under it and watch the stars. He knows a lot more than I do about constellations, I asked him how and he says the family he was with allowed him to take lessons with their boy. I told him he wasn't just a pretty face then, and he hit me. We kiss a lot under those stars, away from the increasingly prying eyes of the crew.

Captain decided to move to another merchant route. I smell another storm.

October 15, 1676

Today, when the storm was roaring above us in the dead of night and all hands were called, Himchan grabbed me and dragged me back to the hold with all the hammocks. He slammed shut the door and kissed me roughly, like we had no time at all, and we really didn't. I understood his urgency though, because I went quickly about undressing us. The cries of the crew and the moaning of the storm drowned us out. He is the most important thing to me. The most beautiful, most precious treasure and I know if they find out they will take him from me. That's why I suggested to him, in our throes of passion, that we should leave, escape from the ship. He agreed.

October 15, 1676

Captain found out we didn't respond to the all hands, and I took Himchan's lashings in his place. He was thrown in the brig for a week instead, the Captain won't allow me to switch spots with him no matter how much I beg. I told the Captain I won't eat until he is back in the kitchen, and the Captain, disgusted, told me that I can do what I want. I think they know. I sneak to him at night, and we kiss through the metal bars, and clasp hands until I hear the first footsteps on the planks outside the door.

October 16, 1676

They know.

October 17, 1676

They've thrown us both in the brig and sentenced us to death by walking the plank, luckily for the both of us, I saw this coming. I concealed a small dagger under my clothes when they caught me (they gave me my log when I asked for it), to cut the ropes that bind us when we are thrown off board. I'm also aware we are near a small island, and if the pneumonia doesn't kill us, we can swim there easily in a day or two with the current the way it is. Himchan is both terrified and ecstatic for the turn of events and my stroke of sheer brilliance. We discussed in hushed tones, as we were constantly under guard by one of the crew. When we got to the stage of the plan that included escaping prying eyes of the crew, I drew a blank. His eyes sparkled, and when I asked why he said, “I whittled flutes, Yongguk.” I was confused, and again he said, “I whittled flutes for you, Yongguk,” and from his sleeves he procured two smooth wooden sticks of what I assumed were old wooden utensils, they had holes in the middle and for a second I just stared. “I whittled flutes,” he said again, tears running down his face, “because you said you like music, so I-” and I took him in my arms and kissed the life out of him, just in case there was no life left tomorrow. We didn't think about that though, and instead kissed, talked, cuddled, and ignored the sneers of the guard as we wasted away what could be our last night together.

I write to you now on the dawn of our execution date, Himchan is beautiful when he sleeps and I hope I will see him this peaceful many more times in the years to come. I'm giving him the dagger, because his sleeves are longer and more loose, and he is more crafty than I. I can only pray that they don't tie his ropes as tightly as mine.

I leave this Log to my bitter Captain – I hope you read this Log of mine and realize the love we have for each other. It is okay to love a man, sir, no matter how disgusted you are, it is a hundred times better to love a man with a personality that I never tire of than a beautiful woman with a personality of stone. Yes, I have met your wife. Loving another man, Captain, is neither a sin nor a gift, it, like your marriage, simply happens. Whether you choose to accept it is what defines you, and sir, even with this on my hands I consider myself a thousand times the man of every single person on this ship, including you. To me, Himchan is the most beautiful, most handsome, most clever, most lovely, most precious, most interesting, most irreplaceable human being on Earth, and anyone who tries to take that from us is the one who is deserving of Hell.

So I leave you, Captain, with a few choice words.

Good luck finding a new navigator, you heartless, pea-brained wench. I'll see you in Hell.

The log ends there, with the blurry, but legible signature of one Bang Yongguk. The remainder of the pages are untouched, and he grips the book harder, to the point of nearly ripping it in half. Tear slipped down his nose and spattered heavily onto the dirty, yellowed pages.

Daehyun, Daehyun! Where are you? It's your turn for watch!”

Daehyun hurriedly wiped the tears from his face with the back of his sleeve and stuffed the Log up his shirt. “Coming, Captain!”

He'd give the Log to Himchan later and apologize, but tonight...

He picked up the candle.

Tonight, he was going to read it again.

Maybe, all along, it was about them getting revenge.



That song is still giving me feels and if I start writing a full-fledged B.A.P pirate AU I swear I'm going to throw my computer across the room.

I'm sorry if it's bad, I honestly didn't proofread because I am lazy and didn't feel like looking at this again because then I might start writing a full-fledged B.A.P pirate AU and THEN I WILL BE THROWING MY COMPUTER ACROSS THE ROOM AND

Calm. In any case, I hope you enjoyed. I didn't kill anyone this time yay! Thank you for reading!


Oct. 20th, 2012 09:51 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you for the comment! What confused you? I've noticed I end a lot of my stories ambiguously lol, but with this I tried to be more clear-cut. I'VE FAILED.

To try and amend your confusion though, I will clarify that Himchan and Yongguk lived because they were able to cut the ropes and escape detection from their crew by breathing through the flutes that Himchan whittled (because Yongguk mentioned he loved music). Then they swam to land because Yongguk accurately predicted where it'd be, and they ended up making a pirate crew themselves. The story starts and ends with an anecdote in real-time where one of their members, Daehyun, finds the Log after they invaded Himchan and Yongguk's old ship, because they'd left it there for the captain to find before they were supposed to be executed.

Uh. Hope that didn't make it even more confusing? I don't even know anymore, I can't claim to be the best writer, lmao.

In any case, thank you very much for your feedback! No promises on more BangHim, but it's definitely one of my favorite pairings. So there will maybe probably possibly be more of them!
Oct. 20th, 2012 08:49 pm (UTC)
Oh thank you! Yeah, I just didn't get that they escaped and made their own crew. The flutes thing is really clever.
Yes I absolutely love this thanks again. I just want to read more of your writing, I love your style and I've already read this twice. lol. BangHim would be nice since their my favorite.